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The duration of  the Practical Training in the profession is of six months for all the students and is realized during the last semester of the studies.
The Council of the Department decides the placement of the student. The decision is on recommendation of the Practical Training Committee that has three members and of the two students` representatives. The students are placed in legislated posts of the public domain or private companies or industries.
If during the realization of his/her practical exercise the student considered that he/she does not work  on the Course Unit of his/her specialization, in a broader sense, he/she is obliged  to report this to his/her academic supervisor, who will then decide if there are grounds to change the placement. During the practical training the student should update regularly the supervision and evaluation booklet, that is given to him by the Practical Training Committee before he starts his training.
After the  completion of the practical exercise, ( completed with the weekly reports, duration  and Course Units of work, days the student was absent as well as his/her progress the Head of the Department , to whom  the supporting documents for the practical exercise are submitted, decides on the acceptance or rejection.
Only if the student has successfully passed the two thirds ( 2/3 ) of the total of the Course Units of the Study Program and all the specialty Course Units which are defined by the Department.