Nicholas Petropoulos - Profile

I am a teaching associate and I teach Physics (laboratory) and Mathematics to first year students (Winter Semester) at the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Central Greece University of Applied Sciences. I have studied Physics at the Physics Department of the University of Ioannina. I hold a Master's Degree and a PhD in Theoretical High Energy Physics from the Physics Department of The University of Manchester. Those days The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Technology) were independent institutes but since 2004 have merged into one large university, The University of Manchester. I studied within the Theoretical Physics Group of the Victoria University and my supervisor was Mike Birse. The new Theoretical Physics Group is an amalgamation of the theory groups of The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST but at the time the theorists of the Particle Physics Group were part of our group.

You can find a copy of my CV (in pdf format) while some of my research interests, when I was an active researcher in theoretical physics some time ago can be found here. You can also find all my publications which are related to theoretical high energy physics in HEP-INSPIRE database as well as the citations. All my publications appear in the database. My current research interests will appear here soon.

Here is a link to my old web-page at Coimbra University. Although it is absolutely out of date, it still contains some info about me and my past research.

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